merging mobility and civility


TrafficCalmer is the consulting practice of Michael R. King.

Michael is an urbanist who understands mobility. He bridges the gaps between city planning, urban design and traffic engineering. His work falls into eight categories: complete streets, design guides, mobility networks, tactical urbanism, transit stations, urban design, vision zero, and workshops. Or, less jargony: street design and transportation planning.

Michael is a sole practitioner based in New York City with a second office in Fort Worth. He trained as an architect and regularly collaborates with, and He has worked in 20 states and 22 countries on 5 continents.

When to engage

  • Are you a city or neighborhood group? I can put a team together to assist.

  • Are you responding to a request for proposal/qualification? Add me to your team.

  • Do you need a non-engineer to help you understand street design? I’ve written a lot on the subject.

  • Do you need someone to add details to your vision? I know vision and detail.

  • Are you concerned that we are not doing enough in the mobility sector to address the existential threat of climate change? Let’s work together.


Michael King, dba TrafficCalmer, works with progressive cities, campuses, and NGOs to invert the dominant auto-centric paradigm and advance a green mobility ethos.  His modus operandi is exploring and understanding clients’ history and potential, developing forward-thinking initiatives, and working together to implement. The work is driven by the realization that the auto-centric city of the 20th Century has proven to be a failure. The city of tomorrow must be re-envisioned for those living and prospering in it, not driving through it. Traffic must be calmer, if at all.

Calm traffic, move curbs, complete streets, make space for place…

…with honesty, humility, humor, and haikus.